• Bubba Kush

    Bubba Kush

    Bubba Kush is a great introduction to our legal herbal bud smokes for anyone who enjoys tasty herbs. Smells amazing as soon as you crack open the bag.

  • Bubblegum Kush

    Bubblegum Kush

    Bubblegum Kush is the newest strain of legal bud we offer. It features a potent smoke and sweet smelling bubble gum aroma! This bud smokes super smooth and is composed of chunks of bud with small red and pink hairs.

  • Blueberry Bud

    Blueberry Bud

    Now here is an amazing “all bud” smoke! Bluedream Kush is simply an incredible new, exotic herb that is sure to impress with its beautiful sweet smell and intensely relaxing but potent smoke.

  • K2 Summit

    K2 Summit

    Better hurry for this one! We are having trouble keeping it on the shelves! K2 Summit is sure to please every customer and this keeps the orders rolling in.

  • K2 Blue Incense

    K2 Blue

    Here’s an original K2 Incense blend that we are sure to continue offering. K2 customers still call K2 Blue their favorite and it’s fan base is growing.

  • K2 Thai Dream Kratom

    K2 Thai Dream Kratom

    If you are looking for a high potency Kratom, you have found it! K2 Thai Dream Kratom is the most potent in the world and you get eight capsules filled with 60x kratom extract.

  • Volcano Vaporizer

    Volcano Vaporizer

    The Volcano Digit is a smoker's best friend with its large LED display that continuously informs the user of the operating status. That means you get the vapors you want every time.

  • Hawaiian Haze

    Hawaiian Haze

    Hawaiian Gold has an new improved strain that legal bud smokers have been waiting for! You may have seen it in in the High Times ad as it was voted best 100% legal smokes by magazine readers 7 years consecutively!

  • Maui Hybrid

    Maui Hybrid

    Here's an imported tropical bud straight from the island of Maui that is sure to provide EXTREME SATISFACTION. Maui Hybrid Bud is known for it's optimal potency and red-haired dense buds.

  • Orange Kush

    Orange Kush

    Another one of our newest legal bud additions. Get ready for a seriously potent and awesomely smooth smoke! It features tiny reddish hairs and smells like oranges.

  • Jamaican Gold

    Jamaican Gold

    If you are looking for a smoking experience that has it all from superb relaxation, high smoke potency, great taste and smell, freshness and enjoyability, Jamaican Gold Bud is the right choice!

  • Dutch Haze

    Dutch Haze

    This one keeps them coming back! Dutch Haze Legal Bud is our repeat customer's fave. They return for another purchase 9 out of 10 times! We hear it's "The Bomb"!